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Outers Choke Tube Lube & Gun Grease

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High-heat friction causes wear and tear on firearms. All moving parts need to be properly lubricated to operate smoothly. When moisture is exposed to metal surfaces, rust will form. Corrosion eventually ruins the look of a firearm and can halt its ability to function. Our full line of gun lubricants and protectants effectively reduce wear and tear caused by friction and provide a barrier of protection against moisture, debris and corrosion.

Our complete product line includes:

  • Both a time-tested, traditional Gun Oil and an Odorless Gun Oil option
  • Convenient Wipes for easy and effective Gun Oil application
  • Tri-Lube and Tri-Care 3-in-one cleaner, lubricant and protectant
  • Choke Tube Lube & Gun Grease to guard against severe wear and tear
  • Metal Seal protectant to shut out moisture and debris
  • Gun Cloth for a quick wipe down of all exterior surfaces