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Transfers & Brokerage

Please note with any transaction, we can accept the original Permit to Acquire (PTA) only.


Private Firearm Brokerage - $11
Private Brokerage is when two private Queensland firearms license holders transfer a firearm between licenses with a valid QLD Permit to Acquire (PTA). The acquirer must be present with the firearm, the approved PTA and their license for the brokerage to take place.
The disposer does not have to be present; however, they must sign the front and the back of the PTA. If the disposer cannot sign the PTA then a statutory declaration is required authorising the disposal and a reason as to why the disposer cannot sign.

Firearm Transfers

• Firearm transfers cover private sales transferred through our (Retschlag Firearms) dealers’ licence.
This includes transfers received from interstate or for transfer being sent interstate. It may also include private transfers between Queensland dealers.

• Incoming Transfers - $11 brokerage per firearm applies
For incoming transfers, the fee covers the receiving of the firearm, registration and disposing of the firearm with a valid QLD PTA. It also covers up to 30 days storage while the required paperwork is being processed. If the firearm is held at by us for more than 30 days the normal monthly storage fee of $22/month block will apply.
Please ensure that the sender includes your name and contact number with the package before shipping so that we can contact you when the firearm(s) arrive. Private transfers not paid for or collected within a 12 month period will be sold by us to recoup costs.

• Outgoing Transfers - $11 per firearm + freight
The outgoing transfer fee covers acquisition of the firearm off a QLD firearms license and disposal of the firearm to another license. Freight will be applied to any firearms being transferred and shipped and will vary depending on the location of the receiver and the weight and dimensions of the package.

No firearms will be dispatched without payment for freight. Please ensure that you have the dealer details of the receiver and also the name and contact number of the end user when you bring firearms in to be transferred.
State and Territory restrictions apply when considering freight obligations. Firearms being sent to WA will only be sent via TNT Road Express to a dealer within 300k of inner-city Perth.

Please note - brokerage and freight charges are non-refundable. Ensure you are 100% certain that you are satisfied with the transaction with the other party. All care is taken in packaging your transfers however we at Retschlag Firearms will not be held responsible for any damage incurred during transit.